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    For photovoltaic system means an electrical system consists of an assembly of PV modules, in order to yield the incident solar energy to produce electricity by the photovoltaic effect, the electrical and electronic component and possibly automatic-mechanical systems for tracking the journey of the sun across the sky.



  • Windmill blade:..

    The novelty also lies in the vertical wind energy employment opportunities. A private resort with the necessary spaces and a ground even moderately windy, can buy for a reasonable digit mini-plant vertical. Merx Energy s.r.l. is why he decided to propose different solutions to the mini-blade wind depending on the needs of the customer and the amount of energy to be produced.


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  • LED:..

    First of all the reasons is certainly the savings. The LED technology provides the same amount of light (lumens) of the classic bulb incandascenza consuming one third of electricity compared to the latter, reaching maximum output power instantly so even outperforming the low energy light bulbs that have accustomed to the dim light of annoying the first few minutes until it reaches the proper temperature.



  • Retrench Energy:..

    RetrenchEnergy RE is a revolutionary device based on the principle of reduction of losses during the transmission of 'electricity. In any electric circuit can be found energy losses as a result of ohmic resistance, if the impedance of the supply network is not adapted to the parameters of the load, additional energy is consumed resulting from the load of the circuit.


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Merx Energy s.r.l. is a solid, young and dynamic company that offers many solutions focused on the production of energy from renewable sources, energy saving and optimization of all processes in the home and business aimed at better management of electricity.
Aware of the path taken Merx energy s.r.l. pointing to full customer satisfaction by providing tailor-made services without neglecting the importance of promoting a culture of savings, both in terms of energy and cost.

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