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MERX Energy srl
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Although established recently, Merx Energy s.r.l. was born from the experience acquired over many years by its partners and workers in the area of renewable energies. Thanks to this strength point, we have decided to implement a new project using our know-how. We firmly believe that clean energy deriving from renewable sources is the only way to face the growing demand of energy and to fight against the scarcity of energy sources currently exploited.
Merx Energy s.r.l.proposes different solutions in the area of energy production. Our offer ranges from photovoltaic systems to solar thermal ones and small wind turbines, in order to satisfy every need of individuals, small enterprises, multinational companies, as well as public bodies.
Our company provides its customers with a full service (advice, design, installation, and assistance for obtaining the required authorisations from public authorities). Our service is called “turnkey”, as it eliminates any difficulty and provides a fully-finished and working system.
We firmly believe that there is still much we can do and much we must do in this direction. Because the future is NOW.


Which is our vision about the future? The future is free. Free from slavery in which we have been imprisoned by fossil fuels. Free from the energetic crisis and free from the awful feeling that everytime you turn the light on you are damaging other people in the world, as well as our planet.
Everybody should contribute and everybody should become a producer of clean energy. This will help the humankind and will give you many advantages (e.g. you can benefit from a reduction of the costs of your energy bill and you can derive profits from the energy sale).
A society that feeds without producing any waste is a dream. And we are working to make it true.
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