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RetrenchEnergy RE is a revolutionary device based on the principle of loss reduction during the transmission of electric energy.
In any electrical circuit you can have energy losses as a result of the ohm resistance, if the impedance of the supply network does not fit the parameters of the load, and more energy is consumed owing to the load of the circuit.


RetrenchEnergy RE identifies the optimal minimum impedance generated by the loads existing in flats, offices, shops and businesses. Once it has been calculated, this value provides a constant voltage to the equipment, even if it has a variable downstream of the energy meter. The principle of functioning is the exact opposite of the MPPT Tracker, existing in the Inverter of the photovoltaic systems. This principle optimises the impedance of the distributed loads connected to the system, protecting them fromexternalextra-tension and limiting the power dissipation onconductors and loads in the system, resulting in increaseduseful life of the equipment and the electrical system in general. Furthermore, optimizing the management of the electrical system, you can both have the elimination of the noise coming from the power supply and the reduction of instant power used, with the limitation of the phenomena of disconnection of the electric meter and acounter and about a 20%-25% savings.

RETRENCH ENERGY RE is available in the following versions:

The selection of products “family” includes deviceswith a range of 4 and 6 kW and is mainly addressed to households. The device is to be installed downstream of the electricity meter and before the general distribution panel, with smaller dimensions and no need of invasive work.

The selection of products “business” includes devices with a range of 10 and 50 kW and is addressed to companies and retail stores. The dimensions of these products are normally 80 cm x 80cm

Beyond 50kW, Merx Energy s.r.l. proposes a selection of products, mainly addressed to factories, health facilities and other big users, where the consumption of energy is much higher.

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