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MERX Energy srl
via degli affari 267
Fara Gera d Adda 24045 (BG)
C.F/P.iva: 08238010964
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Tel.+39 0363-397529
Fax:+39 0363-395633

The founding members of Marx Energy s.r.l.gained their experience over the years and consolidated it through a constant effort. Interested in alternative energies from the birth of this sector, they strove in this area when talking to people about photovoltaic energy was still a pioneering topic. Firmly convinced of the chosen path, the crossroads of the individual experiences of all of them led to the genesis of what we now callMerx Energys.r.l. Evolution of technologies allowed us to widen our horizons, as well as to propose more targeted solutions to everyone’s need. Photovoltaic panels, solar thermal, mini wind turbine blades and energy saving, such as LED lighting are only a few of the products on which we decided to invest.

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OPERATIONAL HEADQUARTER:.. Via degli Affari 267 Fara Gera d Adda 24045 (BG) - Tel.+39 0363-397529 Fax:+39 0363-395633 - P.iva: 08238010964